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Грнчарски занат Грнчарски занат

Nowadays, the village of Zlakusa is the only place in the Uzice County in which the countrymen still perform this trade. Different phases of pottery production include material preparation, its shaping on the hand-wheel, drying and baking. The material used for the production of dishes is a mixture of clay and fine-grained stone of the calcite ore. The stone used to be crushed with the big wooden batter. When well blended, these two components create a material suitable for shaping at the manual pottery wheel.

The tools such as bočilo, kustura, šilo, rub, merica and šaraljka were used for shaping and decoration of pots. After the final production phase, a pot is being dried and then baked in the open fire, thus making the dishes firm and lasting. Pots of different sizes and shapes (crepulje, pržulje, sačevi, djuvečare) were used for food preparation in the open hearth.

Грнчарски занат