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Качарски занат Качарски занат

Diverse cooper`s trade products, such as barrels for storage of milk cream butter called kajmak (kačice), cheese and winter food stores (čabrovi), national drink rakija (džbanovi), for water carrying and storage (buce), casks (kace), dishes used when milking cows (kravljače), or eqipment used in distilling brandy – parionice, tabarke and kapalice – were all made of oak, mulberry, pine or locust tree.

The creation of cooper`s products is long-term and complex, consisting of a few phases: cutting, carpentering, drying and transporting the material, sawing and shaping of narrow bars the barrels consists of (duga), shaping the bottom, creation and bending of the hoops and lid production. Different production stages requred special equipment and tools, such as: large or small saws, axes, knives (bradva), wood-turning lathe, hammer, graters of different sizes, as well as numerous other including skobla, utornjak, pergelj, djeljka or maklja, svrdlo, djeljarka, vint.

Качарски занат