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Ковачки занат Ковачки занат

The blacksmith`s workshop is placed at a reconstructed area of the Museum. The hearth called viganj is built of bricks and with a chimney. It is placed by the wall, with the leather babble beside. In front of the hearth is a tub with water. The middle of the workshop presents a wooden pedestal, a tree stump in which an anvil is embedded. Movable anvils of smaller dimensions were used in the blacksmith workshop. The corner of the workshop was a place for grindstone for sharpening.

The other tools used in the forging include hammer, mallets and rams of different sizes, pincers, scissors and cutters. Vice and hand saw are fixed to the table. Other tools that could also be found at the shelves of the workshop include such as oblikači, probojci, nareznice, ureznice, svrdla. The products of the forgery trade include ploughs, special knives (bradve), axes, hoes, shovels, sledgehammers, and chains.

Ковачки занат